• Welcome to the CGI Preservation website. We are a full-service historic preservation company specializing in historic masonry restoration as well as other media, working in California and the West. Our primary expertise covers all porous architectural materials, both natural and man-made, in both interior and exterior applications. While masonry restoration comprises a large part of our business, we can also perform as a General Contractor for a client's historic preservation project.

  • We coordinate and/or execute historic building interior and exterior scopes of work relating to masonry, painting, windows, metals, and other historic building components. Many of our projects have included the deconstruction and reconstruction of decorative building components to allow for structural improvements.

  • As you navigate through the various projects, be prepared for some of the projects to reference media not listed as the primary material in the Portfolio Listing.  Many of our projects have included multiple media and the listing under one material heading does not preclude the presence of numerous other materials as well.

    CGI Preservation is based in Los Angeles and works all over the State of California and beyond.